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Flaky puff pastry

Patisserie L’Amour Flaky Pie Pastry Roll made for commercial pie lines with no plastic interleave. Defrost and unroll on your line! Available in 3 roll widths.

Many large scale bakers prefer a margarine product for the reliability in handling at high ambient temperatures and for the lower lift, particularly for pie tops.

100% vegetable margarine provides the characteristics of a robust margarine pastry whilst meeting the dietary needs of vegetarians.

Product Code: 44910

Dimensions (approx): 410 x 7200 x 2.8mm

Contains: 1 roll per carton

Weight: 10kg

Barcode: 09421017440909

Product Code: 44900

Dimensions (approx): 480 x 7000 x 3mm

Contains: 1 roll per carton

Weight: 12kg

Barcode: 09421017440916

Product Code: 44906

Dimensions (approx): 600 x 7000 x 2.8mm

Contains: 1 roll per carton

Weight: 15kg

Barcode: 09421017440923

44910 410mm (10kg)

44900 480mm (12kg)

44906 600mm (15kg)

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Flaky puff pastry